CHAPTER 19: MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM Theory Musculoskeletal Terminology 1. d 2. f 3. j 4. I 5. B 6. e 7. c 8. a 9. h 10. k 11. g 12. yes 13. aspiration of a joint 14. a device that has two or more pins inserted above a fracture and two or more below a fracture on only one surface and is used to stabilize the fracture (or similar wording) 15. fascia lata graft 16. electric or ultrasound 17. . 2021.. "/>

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1. Digestion is the breakdown of large, complex organic molecules into smaller components that can be used by the body. Molecules need to be small enough to diffuse across plasma membranes. 2. Steps of digestion Ingestion - this is the consumption of or taking in of nutrients. Digestion - the chemical breakdown of large organic molecules. Chapter 25 - Digestive System. 115 Lab 3 - Digestive Organs 115. Friday, July 15, 2022. Chapter 25 - Digestive System cont. 115 Lab 3 - Digestive Organs cont./ Lab Exam Review 115. Week Two Weekly . hrs. Monday, July 18, 2022. UNIT 1 LECTURE EXAM - Chapters 17, 25, 26.2. 115 23. UNIT 1 LAB EXAM - Labs 1, 2, 3 115. Tuesday, July 19.

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