Description. The single phase Solis S5-GR1P5K 5G 5kW solar inverter w DC Isolator is a string inverter and its efficiency has improved dramatically compared with the 4G models. The Solis 5kW solar inverters are suitable for the installation of single-phase input pv system of residential and adopt ultra-high switching frequency, ultra-thin .... "/>

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Solis-15K-LV-5G Confiabilidad La seguridad Capacidad Solis- (15-20)K-LV-5G 220V: 15K-LV/20K-LV; El inversor de serie trifásico de 15-20kW adopta el diseño de 3/4 MPPT para proporcionar un esquema de configuración más flexible con una menor tasa de impacto ambiental y mayor eficiencia de generación.

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