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The RS485 communications cable can connect to either a terminal block or an RJ45 network port. Connecting to a terminal block is recommended. You are advised to use a CAT 5E outdoor shielded network cable with an outer diameter less than 9 mm (0.35 in.) and internal resistance not greater than 1.5 ohms/10 m (1.5 ohms/32.81 ft), as well as a. RS232 DB9 Connector Pinout DB-9M Function Abbreviation Pin #1 Data Carrier Detect CD Pin #2 Receive Data RD or RX or RXD Pin #3 Transmitted Data TD or TX or TXD Pin #4 Data Terminal Ready DTR Pin #5 Signal Ground GND Pin #6 Data Set Ready DSR Pin #7 Request To Send RTS Pin #8 Clear To Send CTS.

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