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Sun conjunct Venus (5d) Sun Trine Moon (Moon conjunct MC 2d) Sun and Venus sextile Pluto. Jupiter in the 7th house conjunct NN (<1/2d) and both are the apex of a Yod from the Sun, Venus and Pluto sextile. Composite Sun is at 10d Sagittarius. Natally, My ASC is at 10d Sag. and her IC is at 11d Sag. 2021. 3. 26. · Mars and Venus are two key planets in the birth chart. But when they form a hard aspect to each other (conjunction, square, opposition), it is not easy to deal with their merged energy. These planets work in completely different ways. Their essence is the opposite of each other. Venus is the archetype of the female and Mars is the archetype of.

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