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2022. 8. 3. · Power. Approximately 645bhp (480kW) running a 10:1 compression ratio and 7,500 rpm rev limit. Top Speed. Approximately 300 kph (186 mph) 0-100kph (60mph) Approximately 3.4 seconds. Engine Management.. NO. 6 issue of Motor Trend magazine at this verry moment and the stats for this car are as follows ... EPA City/Hwy = 17/25 Lateral Accel = NA engine 5.7 V8 code name LT4 R-----1996 Corvette collector /6 Speed manual 0 - 60 mph = 4.9sec 1/4 mile = 13.3 @107.6 mph ... is built for the automotive enthusiast and sports car fan in.

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